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Taking Care Of Travelers Since 1891

Creative & Flexible Design. Efficient & Reliable Manufacturing. Honest & Joyful Service. For you. For your passengers. For the world. 

Design – Manufacture – Supply

Kansas City Missouri 

What We Do For You

Launch Your Ideas

Creative & Flexible Design

Bespoke design work, focused on creative problem solving and exceeding your expectations for service. Check out our work and services pages to learn more.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Efficient & Reliable Manufacturing

Let us bring your vision to life through our experienced team of manufacturing & logistics experts. Our experience speaks for itself. See our about page or contact us for more details.

Put Your Users 

Honest & Joyful Service

Happy Teams. Happy Crew. Happy Passengers. Happy Airlines. Happy Partners. We strive for nothing less.  See more at our work and services pages.


– Anne Bauer, President and CEO

“ Traveling takes us out of our comfort zones. Any unexpected inconvenience can feel like the end of the world when we’re in between home & our destination. But, if we can help ease that discomfort, bringing thoughtful care & integrity to our products & services, it allows everyone to relax – and really connect with the joy & amazing opportunity that is travel. ”

See Our Work

Our Work

Our Design Team will creatively & efficiently improve your products & service, while our 130 years of experience ensure that you will always be honestly & reliably cared for as a valued client. We partner with you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

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Prioritizing the Health of your Passengers


Meet Anne Bauer the President of Racket

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